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Nominee number 1 - Elton John was arrested for DUI while driving a Lamborghini in Virginia last Thursday.

Not THAT Elton John . . . this was a 33-year-old named Elton John Vasquez.

And it sounds like Elton was a mess.  Someone saw him swerving between lanes, driving onto the shoulder, and hitting a guardrail . . . so they called 911.

The police caught up with him . . . and he eventually pulled over, into the parking lot of a roller skating rink.  (Where they may or may not have been playing "Crocodile Rock”.)

Elton had bloodshot, glassy eyes . . . slurred speech . . . and had the smell of alcohol on him.  He was arrested and charged with DUI, obstruction of justice, and the traffic lane violation.

He was held on a $1,500 unsecured bond at the local jail.

Nominee number 2 -   If this lady is already sick of her husband, the rest of their marriage is gonna be an uphill battle:  A 22-year-old woman in South Dakota is facing charges after she didn't want to be around her husband . . . so she faked her own KIDNAPPING.

It happened last year, but the charges were just filed.  It's not clear how long they've been married, but she's only 22.  So, not very long.

She was working as a delivery driver for Domino's last February when she called her husband around 10:00 P.M., and said a group of people were trying to ROB her.

He could hear someone pounding on her window, so he believed it.  Then after she hung up, he started getting text messages demanding ransom money.  He also got one that said, "I don't have long.  I love you.  Please help.”

One of her coworkers also got ransom messages too.  And some of the texts came from a weird number they didn't recognize.  It turned out she was using an app to disguise her number, and all the texts were really coming from her.

Police scrambled a SWAT team and tracked her down by pinging her phone.  She was sitting in her car with ANOTHER MAN when they found her, and she tried to claim they just let her go.  But her story didn't add up.

She eventually admitted she made the whole thing up because she "wanted a break from her husband."  She'll be in court next week to face charges for filing a false report, and attempted grand theft. 

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