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Nominee number 1 - If the makers of the "Grand Theft Auto" game are looking for content . . . THIS is something meta that they could consider.

A man in Rhode Island named Charles Kendrick was up at 2:00 A.M. last Wednesday playing "Grand Theft Auto".  Oh, and he was NAKED at the time.

He heard a grinding sound outside, like something was being cut.

So he went out to investigate, and that's when he saw someone under his car . . . stealing his catalytic converter.

Charles confronted the thief, and they fought.  The thief eventually got away . . . WITH the catalytic converter . . . but Charles got the guy's phone, and has since given it to police.  As far as I know, the thief hasn't been caught.

Charles said, "I don't think he was expecting to get caught . . . and he definitely wasn't expecting to get caught by somebody naked." 

Nominee number 2 - A lot of stupid criminals will make one very stupid decision . . . others will employ a Swiss Army Knife of stupidity.  And that's the case here:

Three carjackers attempted to steal a car in Virginia on Tuesday.  Their first interesting decision was attempting the theft OUTSIDE OF A GYM.  One of the thieves was able to get the keys from the owner . . . but the owner was trained in mixed martial arts, and he fought back.

The guy who grabbed the keys got inside the car, but he couldn't do anything, because it was a manual transmission, and he didn't know how to drive stick.  So all three carjackers retreated to their own car, and drove off.

It wasn't long before the police were on their tail . . . and they decided to lead the cops on a high speed chase.  Eventually, they pulled over and ran into the woods.

The cops caught up with them . . . and they yelled at the guys to stop or they'd unleash the K9 unit.  Two men gave themselves up, but the third tried to run.  But he didn't make it 50 yards before the dog dragged him down.

All three have been hit with an array of charges.  

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