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Described by some as an Anger Artist, Prospector has been rocking NEPA since 1988. He loves his bikes, golf, the New York Yankees, New York Rangers and the St. Louis Rams. Oh and his wife, yes he loves his wife.

Prospector's Latest Blog Post: Can You Open A Beer With A Quarter and a Magnet?

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DC has been a resident of Northeast PA for the past 20 years. Rocking the Workforce from 10a-3p

Monday through Fridays is what she does best. “I started working on the air at the age of 16, so

I’ve been to a lot of stations, Allentown and Williamsport in PA, even Newport News, Virginia for a while. I’ve done Top 40, Country, News and Soft Rock, but Rock 107 is the best!”

DC loves to travel especially around the Caribbean and lists snorkeling and surfing as some of her favorite things to do on vacation. She’s also worked as a Blackjack dealer in Las Vegas, a tennis instructor, was a member of several animal rights and environmental agencies and once accidentally got her luggage mixed up with Al Pacino’s at the airport! Now she continues to find new ways to enjoy life and connect with people.

Other interests include music, healthy gourmet cooking, psychology, and literature.

DC lives in Laflin with her husband, and pets Jemelle and Pistols.

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Jim Rising

Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin.

WAKE UP!!! Had this dream stopped?

Oh wait. that was another dream. Another life.

Please keep your arms and legs inside the carriage while the ride is motion. This is the best part of the trip. The part I really Like.

There ya go. Two song references right off at the top.

Greetings fellow travelers. We are in this together. You are here because you are curious about this new old guy on the "Channel of champions, Rock 107." I am in here because they left the door to the studio unlocked. Again.

Seems like we may have met some where along the way, after all I have been over-modulating radio airwaves in this here locale of NEPA for decades. Can't keep a job. What can I tell you?

I am sort of in charge here. So if you like what you hear coming out of the speakers tell the neighbors. If you don't call me at 570-207-8574. It's George Bush's number but he will be glad to help you.

Oh yeah, my email is jrising@rock107.com on the interweb. Don't send me any of them scam letters, K?

I'll be seeing you on the radio. If I can pick up the station on this banana.

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Mark Hoover

I am the guy who works longer hours than practically anyone else at Rock 107. I put more events together during any given month than most people can even fathom attending in a year. My Name is Mark Hoover. 37 years old. I started working at Rock 107 in 1998 . It is the station I grew up to. After a few years of climbing the ranks from promotions assistant and part-time on-air personality to assistant promotions Director, I finally became the man in charge after my predecessor moved on. I have been running the Rock 107 Fun and Games Department since 2003.
I am also your host on Rock 107 Monday Friday 7pm-12midnight and Saturdays 3-7pm! Take a Listen! You won't regret it.
As far as outside the work place, free time doesn’t come along much. I love working out every morning before the sun rises at Core Fitness in Scranton and I love the outdoors, hunting and ATV riding. Love music and can spend hours going through my cd collection. A huge fan of Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Dio, Motley Crue, Genesis, Guns N Roses 1986-1990 (the greatest rock n roll band that ever walked the face of the planet), The Beatles, Johnny "Cougar" Mellencamp, The Doors, CCR, Kiss (1980-1992), Van Hagar and Pink Floyd (with Roger Waters).

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My Interview with the Red Rocker Sammy Hagar

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Chip The Beer Guy

A Cool Guy With Cool Craft Brews! Hear Chip Thursday Mornings with DiRienzo & Prospector from deep inside the Beer Bunker at Sabatini's Pizza in Exeter! Chip spotlights some great beers as well as providing instruction at 7P.M. on the last Tuesday of every month with Chip The Beer Guy's Beer School at Sabatini's Pizza!

If you miss any of Chip The Beer Guy on the air check out his podcast!

Ron Reino

I’ve always been a NEPA guy. The local educational institutions let me through their systems…let us not hold that against them!

I part-timed at Rock107 out of college, did many other media jobs, then returned on the air in 1996. I do have a real full time media job that pays the Disney World vacation bills.

Every weekend I get to “play radio DJ in people’s heads” and it is my pleasure. Believe it or not, I have a Masters Degree in this stuff! When it stops being fun, I will occupy my time making pierogies with the little old ladies at the local Catholic Church.

And if you are seriously reading this to learn more about me… you are making me uncomfortable.

oh and my favorite band is Boston.

If you want to make me happy, get me that lip smackin’ chocolate cake from Wegman’s bakery and watch the Phillies or Eagles with me.

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Sunday 06:15am - 10:00am Weekend Warrior
Saturday 07:00pm - 10:00pm Weekend Warrior

Sean O'Mealy

Laying in bed at night listening to WMMR in Philadelphia was my window to a new world. The DJ’s name was Michael Terson, “Tearson Till 2” (his shift was 10p-2am). Weaving together a tapestry of music I had never heard before, Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, Zappa and of course the greatest R&R band in the world, The Rolling Stones. In between the classics I was introduced to newer artists, Talking Heads, Elvis Costello and the Sex Pistols. It wasn’t just the music, it was the companionship. It felt like the DJ’s were actually talking to me, an awkward 13 year old kid who was anything but cool, especially compared the guy on the radio. It was a culture, a cult that anyone could belong to, even me. I felt like those guys on the radio were my big brothers and sisters. They talked about how amazing Graham Parker was at the Trocadaro the night before or how Pete Townshend loved this new band from England called The Clash. Waking up for school on the morning of December 9th 1980 and hearing that John Lennon had been killed the night before somehow made me feel even more connected. The radio was my friend.

Catch Sean on Rock 107 every Sunday from 10:00am-3:00pm.

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House of Hair

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Saturday 10:00pm - 12:00am Special Programming

Little Steven's Underground Garage

So is it Little Steven, or Miami Steve, or Steve Van Zant, or maybe Silvio Dante? Either way, the Underground Garage is the perfect capper to the weekend.

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Sunday 10:00pm - 12:00am Special Programming

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